Sports Media Weekly Podcast #34- Rob King,

Sports Media Weekly After a welcomed week off on vacation we are back with another edition of the Sports Media Weekly Podcast.

Ken Fang of Fang’s Bites and I talk about the growing ratings for Versus during this year’s NHL Playoffs, rumblings that Fox may move some of its Saturday MLB games to prime time, ESPN’s new 12-year deal with the Atlantic Coast Conference, and what ESPN has in the pipeline as unveiled to advertisers and the media this week in New York.

Speaking of ESPN, our guest this week is Rob King, Vice President and Editor-in Chief of ESPN Digital Media.  We talk to Rob about the evolution of ESPN online, specifically it’s expansion to the local media markets in Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York.  We also ask Rob about whether Bill Simmons will be staying with and the controversy last year over the WWL’s Twitter and social media policy.


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