Sports Media Weekly Podcast #30- Victor Rojas, Yakcy

Sports Media Weekly Welcome to the 30th edition of the Sports Media Weekly Podcast.

Ken Fang of Fang’s Bites and I delve into CBS’ coverage of the Masters and the improved, but not record ratings for the telecast.  Ken also relates his experience of seeing a 3D presentation of the tournament sponsored by Comcast and Cox Communications.

Ken and I also provide a preview of how the ratings may fare for the upcoming NHL Playoffs and we discuss our disdain for local sports talk radio in the Boston market.

Our guest this week is Victor Rojas, play-by-play voice for the Anaheim Angels.  Victor joined us earlier this year to discuss his role at the MLB Network.  Today he talks about taking over the Angels’ job under not-so-perfect circumstances.  He also tells us about Yakcy, a social media enterprise where fans can congregate to discuss games featuring their favorite teams…


  1. great idea of creating yakcy to discuss games. I`ve registered there to be abreast of the news. Now I`ll be able sharing my impressions with other fans about my favourite team

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