Sports Media Weekly Podcast #29- Tom Mee, Jr., Fox Sports Midwest

Sports Media Weekly After a week away to deal with the fierce weather in the Northeast, Ken Fang of Fang’s Bites and I are back for the Sports Media Weekly Podcast.

First on the docket, the Tiger Woods press conference earlier this week from the Masters.  Both Ken and I feel Tiger handled himself better this time around.

We also look at how CBS handled it’s coverage of the Final Four, and the huge ratings numbers that followed Duke’s win over Butler.  We wrap the news portion of the show by welcoming the 2010 baseball season.

The advent of the baseball season leads into our guest this week.  Tom Mee, Jr directs Cardinals baseball for Fox Sports Midwest.  He recently published a book called Cutting The Game, where he describes how he has handled Cardinals telecasts over his 23 year television career.


  1. I have read it, if you want to know anything about baseball on TV, get it. Tom’s a good person, I’m glad he’s getting recognition for the book.

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