Sports Science Finds New Home at ESPN

Sports ScienceI have always been intrigued by the minutiae of sports.  Sports Science was one show that satisfied my desire to learn more about the inner workings of how athletes accomplish amazing feats on the field.

Sports Science, which had been found primarily on a number of regional sports networks, will soon be seen on the ESPN family of networks.  Show producer BASE Productions have reached a deal with the WWL to share the elements of the show across many of ESPN’s signature series.

The program, hosted by John Brenkus, looks at measuring the human limits of athletes by using cutting edge technologies…


Sport Science is recognized for its innovative approach to sports coverage and we know this signature property will be a tremendous asset for our fans,” said Ron Wechsler, vice president, series development & production, ESPN Content Development.  “John Brenkus and Mickey Stern are proven commodities and tremendous collaborators.  ESPN looks forward to leveraging all of our platforms to incorporate the technological analysis, cutting edge graphics, and high end production values for which the Sports Science team has become known.”

“The Sport Science brand is about bringing new and useful perspectives on sports and human performance to fans everywhere,” said Brenkus.  “On ESPN, we are bringing it to the biggest stage in sports television, so each time I get flattened, dragged, choked, or otherwise abused for the sake of science, I will know we are entertaining and informing the world’s biggest audience of sports fans, and empowering more amateur and professional athletes than ever before to elevate not just their sports performance, but their human potential.”

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