Morning Journal- November 2, 2009

It was a busy Sunday in sports.  Here are some of the sports media stories that surfaced since yesterday…

Matthew J. de la Merced and Andrew Ross Sorkin at the NY Times report that the Comcast/NBC deal may be coming close to completion

Paulsen at Sports Media Watch has the ratings numbers for Game 3 of the World Series

Here’s the AP story on the World Series ratings..courtesy of Entertainment Daily… reports on Fox’ move to relocate the right field camera which played a role in Alex Rodriguez’ home run in Game 3 of the World Series…

Mike Jensen at the Philadelphia Inquirer has the story of how the Phillies’ Jimmy Rollins is sought out daily by the media

Chris Zelkovitch at the Toronto Star thinks Fox is making strides in its coverage of the World Series……

Maury Brown at the Biz of Baseball has an interview with MLB Network’s Victor Rojas

John Lewin at the Faster Times criticizes MLB Network for an online poll which seemed to omit one obvious choice…(I agree)

Phil Mushnick at the NY Post accepts and issues a challenge from WFAN’s Mike Francesa

Bob Wolfley at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says Fox let the pictures tell the story during Brett Favre’s return to Green Bay yesterday…

Dusty Saunders at the Denver Post enjoyed the work of CBS’ Dan Dierdorf during yesterday’s Broncos’ loss to the Ravens…

Chris Shellcroft at Just Blog Baby looks at the ESPN report that Raiders coach Tom Cable may have a history of violence toward women

David White at the San Francisco Chronicle also has the story of ESPN’s Outside the Lines piece on Cable

As does Mark Maske at The League at the Washington Post

David Xaviel at the Bleacher Report does not think highly of ESPN’s report on Cable…

Fox Sports reports on how it will conduct a special segment of Fox NFL Sunday next week from an undisclosed location in Afghanistan

Dissenting Justice accuses a CBS writer for allegedly taking joy in seeing Florida QB Tim Tebow go down with an injury…

Steve Lapore at Puck the Media has a look at the NHL Network feature schedule for this week..

Ed Sherman at Crains Chicago Business talks with local sports personality Mike North about his future…

Tom Jones at the St. Petersburg Times has his Monday Shooting from the Lip column

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