Good News For Ray

Those of you who have read SMJ for the last few months have noted the contributions of Ray Frager.  Ray joined us in early May after he was let go as Assistant Editor and Sports Media Columnist for the Baltimore Sun.

Ray’s addition to our staff came quite coincidentally.  I was reading his last blog post over at the Sun where he mentioned his lay-off and his interest in starting his own sports media blog.  I e-mailed Ray, introduced him to SMJ, and invited home to join us to write on the topics of his choosing and for as long as he wished.

To my surprise Ray took me up on the offer and began writing for us on May 5th.   Our agreement was Ray would write for us until he was fortunate enough to once again attain gainful employment.   Thankfully for him that day has come.

Ray is now back in business of writing sports professionally and I could not be more happier for him.  Even though I never met Ray personally, in our conversations it was apparent to me that he is one of the good guys.

So on this day we celebrate work, I’m glad that Ray is back among us working stiffs.  We wish him all the best.


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