Synergy at Little League World Series

That amazing coincidence of actors connected to the network carrying a sporting event appearing on the telecast has worked its way down to the Little League World Series. ESPN is using Moises Arias as a “reporter” during its LLWS games. Arias appears on Disney’s Hannah Montana. And he just so happens to be in the movie The Perfect Game, about Mexico’s Little League champions of 1957, though, to be fair — something I just hate to be — that isn’t a Disney film.



  1. My husband and I think that Moises did a really terrific job at the little league championships this year. His reporting was enthusiastic, with a lot of local and interesting subjects. His interviews with the kids were personable and his being close to their age made him much more believable and accurate. He was a lot of fun and a very good actor. Many thanks and appreciation from us for his efforts. He has a great career in front of him. And Kudos to whoever decided he would be an asset for the championships. He certainly was in our opinion!!!

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