Drama at the PGA

As dramatic as the final round of the PGA Championship ended up being, one thing that occurred to me during CBS’ Sunday coverage was just how superior the network’s telecasts of the Masters are. That’s because the Masters mandates fewer commercials. The drama would have built to even greater levels Sunday if we hadn’t been pulled away several times for breaks after Tiger Woods and Y.E. Yang had hit their tee shots.

I don’t begrudge CBS its revenue — and the final holes were handled without undue interruptions — but I couldn’t help but think about how much better the viewing experience would have been.

(Which reminds me about how enjoyable it was to watch the season debut of AMC’s terrific Mad Men with limited commercial breaks.)

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In what once would have been awarded the Dreaded Glitch in USA Today, CBS flubbed its pictures when Woods teed off on the 13th. As announcers described what a marvelous shot he had struck, we were stuck on a picture of some clouds over the course. Then, as Jim Nantz switched to someone finishing on the 18th green, the video was of Woods and Yang walking down the fairway.

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Talk about bad timing. Shortly after Padraig Harrington had shot himself out of contention with a disastrous 8 on a par-3 hole, he was featured in a commercial for one of his major sponsors. The thrust of the ad was how it is important to adjust to changing conditions — something Harrington had just failed to do.


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  1. The coverage was horrible by the New Orleans CBS affiliate, WWL, who constantly interrupted the final round with updates on a storm that was hitting FLORIDA. Ridiculous.

    It makes you wonder if they are capitalizing on the post-Katrina-worry and have sold marketing space to sponsors of these weather updates. The sponsors probably mandate that get so much air time no matter how many unnecessary weather updates we have to sit through while missing historic moments.

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