Keith Mills writes about his past

Baltimore-centric note: WBAL Radio’s Keith Mills has spoken to other media members about his struggles with an addiction to painkillers that led to legal problems and the loss of his longtime job with Channel 2 three years ago. But now he has written about some of what he went through for PressBox, in the context of Ryan Leaf’s recent issues.

Some people in Baltimore think Mills got soft treatment by the local media for something — particularly the burglary of medication from a neighbor — that an athlete or other public figure would still be feeling the heat about. The thing is, Mills built up a lot of goodwill among his print and electronic brethren over the years. Though I haven’t spoken with him in quite a while, I understand that goodwill, because he was always a good man to deal with in any context.

He also built up a lot of warm feelings among those who watched or listened to him. Mills has come across as a genuine Baltimore guy with a true affection and appreciation for the history and traditions of the city’s sports scene at all levels. That has always played well with a large segment of the audience. And if he has never been the most polished voice on the air, so what?

I applaud his honesty in the PressBox piece and am glad he’s still on the Baltimore airwaves.



  1. . I Hi Keith,
    I read your article that you have just done in the paper. I have to be honest it takes alot of work on yourself to be this honest. I’m a addict and have been for over 3 years just like you, my clean date is jan 6, 2006. You talk about the mirror that never lies i must have purchased the same one i guess all addicts do. I am very, very lucky to also have a great family who stuck by me and help me threw the darkest years of my life. My husband help save my life.Without him him i would not be here. You know when you hit your bottom when you are sleeping in your car in the middle of winter with no gas or money to buy any. Just like you it will always be there and for me its a good thing. I will never ever forget the pain and suffering i caused everyone, that alone keeps me going forward everyday. I think we have mutal friend Jack Turk? I just want to say you will never be alone in this if you need an ear just write. Linda G.

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