ESPN Names Ohlmeyer New Ombudsman

It has been a little over three months since Le Anne Schreiber stepped down as ESPN’s Ombudsman.

Today ESPN has announced that legendary television executive Don Ohlmeyer will fill the Ombudsman’s post beginning in August.  Ohlmeyer has signed an 18-month contract with the WWL.  He will write monthly at

Ohlmeyer is best known for his success at both ABC and NBC Sports.  He ended his tenure at NBC by serving as the President at NBC West Coast until his retirement in 1999.

“Few people on the planet could bring to the role of ESPN ombudsman more credentials, intelligence, a track record of success and the fearlessness to speak his mind than Don Ohlmeyer,” said John A. Walsh, ESPN executive vice president and executive editor. “He is a noted maverick in the industry with a vast understanding of media, and we look forward to his contributions.”

I, too, look forward to Ohlmeyer’s assessment of the WWL.


  1. Keith,

    I, too, look forward to Ohlmeyer’s take on the 4LN. I’ve missed Le Anne’s columns and she never failed to take the Bristol folks to task when they needed it. (Not that they ever paid attention to what she wrote or suggested).

    I continue to have major problems with their flagship programming, including the relentless self-promotion of their products and anchors, and (until fairly recently) their failure to credit other sources for breaking news.

    Her final column in March said it all for me. I hope D.O. is just as forthright.

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