Disco, disco, duck!

One quibble with ESPN’s piece, which ran over the weekend, on the 30th anniversary of the White Sox’s disastrous Disco Demolition promotion: a lack of social context. Many have noted how the anti-disco crowd was basically all white. Some commentators point out the roots of disco in the black and gay communities and draw a connection to the Demolition, labeling it, at least in part, as a repudiation of those groups. Maybe that is a stretch and a bunch of people just didn’t like the Bee Gees. In any case, the observations were worth at least a brief discussion.


  1. Mr. Frager, I thought the exact same thing. While it would be wrong to label every foolish person who participated as a racist, there definitely was subtle racism involved in that movement – and sometimes not so subtle. Considering the length of the piece, I was surprised that ESPN maintained a blind eye to that.

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