Shape up, 105.7 Playmakers hosts told

Baltimore-centric note: Word comes via Facebook from Jeremy Conn that management at 105.7 the Fan wants his Playmakers show with co-host Ken Weinman to be fixed in some fashion. Here is Conn’s message: “Ken and I have been given a week to make management happy with the show….. So hopefully all will go well now…. We shall see…”


  1. Ken Weiman sucks as a host things are personal with him and he cuts callers off bye Ken.

  2. Shape up? Playmakers is the only show on that station worth listening to.

  3. I agree with Mark, this is the only program worth listening to. The rest are boring and have no personality. Tough break for the Playmakers when corporate doesn’t get rid of Anita Marks but gives them a week. Life ain’t fair.

  4. Jeremy and Ken know sports. More of that and
    less foolishness. They do very well as subs for
    Anita/Scott and Mark/Bulldog

  5. I agree with you mark, CBS is making a poor decision if they think Playmakers needs to be “fixed”. Playmakers is my favorite show on the station and a great relief from the other shows. I think Playmakers off the wall comedy is offending some people, including the libs at CBS.

  6. Please…I listened to Ken fill in for Bruce yesterday at it was the most awkward couple of hours of radio ever…We all know that THE FAN is doing well, but the thing is it could be even BETTER…Its a bad show..period..Very Juvenile…

  7. Here’s a “fix” for you: move Playmakers to the 3 o’clock drivetime slot and give Anita marks her walking papers. You’ve just improved two shows with one move. How on earth CBS wants to “fix” Playmakers, but signs Marks to another year is quite beyond me.

  8. Jeremy “MUMBLES” Conn and Kein “Whiney” Weimann are absolutely awful! They deserve to be taken off the air. Conn mumbles a bunch of nonsense and I’ve heard guests respond to his questions by saying “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Ken just seems like a whiney, bitter person.

    The show is nausiating and they just love to hear themselves talk and giggle like amateur school boys. Baltimore sports fans deserve better. Let’s hear Stan Charles, Tom Davis or someone who can command the airwaves.

    Oh, and Bruce (should change his name to “Bore”) Cunningham should have a 3am show because he puts me right to sleep.

  9. Playmakers is a fun show that boosts the 105.7 lineup…if you listen to the station all day, the same sports topics get stale and boring. Conn and Weinman should be on from 3-7.

  10. Those guys have the only honest show on that station. Seems to me that the other hosts don’t really know that much about sports. I heard a caller the other day say that the Orioles are playing the Phillies in two series this year and Scott Garceau agreed. Shows how much studying that man does before his broadcasts. The “Bulldog” should be banned from all radio airwaves for being a smug a$$wipe and Bruce “I really do” Cunnngham needs a horsewhipping. (Keep a tally of how many times he says that in a show). Don’t even get me started on Anita Marks. Jeremy and Ken actually have a sense of humor and aren’t scared to talk about how much NASCAR sucks.

  11. Unfortunately, most of sports talk in this town is terrible. WBAL made a smart move in getting rid of Steve Davis and letting Peter Schmuck do an hour at night. Otherwise, it’s a veritable wasteland.
    Viviano is good, but Yaffe can go. Cunningham has been a lost cause for years, Anita Marks is pathetic, Garceau is a grizzled veteran but doesn’t seem comfortable with the daily grind of a talk show.
    And “The Playmakers” are, by far, the worst of the lot. First, the name. They are not “playmakers” they report and comment on the play makers. Only someone with the ego of Ken Weinman would dare call himself a playmaker. And Conn’s next original thought will be his first. They are just horrible.

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