NBC: Keep watching Tiger

At the end of Sunday’s U.S. Open telecast, Johnny Miller, et al, could have been a little bit subtle at least in trying to push the “tune in, because Tiger could still be in it” angle. Yes, he made a birdie to put himself at the bottom of the network leader board. But were they trying to convince us or themselves that everyone above him could choke during the completion of the last round Monday?


  1. Ray,

    I missed the Johhny Miller remark, but otherwise I found the coverage, as Commander Whitehead said in those long ago Schweeps commercials, “curiously refreshing.” Here’s why.

    At first, with no recognizable voices doing the analysis, I thought everyone talked in a boring monotone. But as I watched and listened more and more over the weekend, I found the ‘green-side’ announcers to be amazingly honest in their evaluations of players shots and club selections – at times brutally so. I heard more than once the comment “That’s the worst chip (insert bunker, drive, putt, where appropriate) shot I’ve seen this weekend (year, in years, in this tournament, etc).

    When a player blew a shot, they let the viewers know it. No candy coating like you get with the lap dogs at CBS who have to kow tow to the Masters tyrants. I’m actually enjoying the coverage.

    Well, actually not now…I’m at work reading your blog.


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