Terrell Suggs sighting

Baltimore-centric notes: Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs will appear on the NFL Network’s Total Access show Friday (7 p.m.).

Also, Jason La Canfora, Baltimore native, former Sun sportswriter and most recently Redskins beat reporter for The Washington Post, debuts in his new role as a reporter for NFL.com and the NFL Network on Tuesday on Total Access (also at 7). I first worked with Jason so long ago, I don’t think he had a space in his last name.


  1. ray, do you have any info about the NFL package switching to 105.7 from, I think, wbal?

    wbal had previously given up Rush, UMaryland sports, fox sports radio, and now, the NFL. not to mention that the awful (imo) sporting news radio now replaces most of the three-hour, local sports line show with Steve Davis and the Saturday local show with Peter Schmuck.

    I know that they have the Ravens, but is that enough for them? did the ravens deal cost so much that they couldn’t keep the rest, or are they just throwing in the towel, sports-wise, placing all of their bets with the Ravens? with the lack of local sports talk, other than the game itself and some branded shows in-season, they don’t really offer much Ravens’ coverage. Or is it just 105.7 making a major play to dominate the Baltimore market?

    just curious, thanks!

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