SportsCenter and L.A.- Is It Working?

los20angeles20postcardI’m still trying to figure out why ESPN decided to move it’s late night edition of SportsCenter to Los Angeles.

In the two months or so since the move, nothing on the show has really changed.  It has the same format, same look.  The only references to their presence in Los Angeles are the passing verbal claims and the flashy transition graphics promoting that they are, in fact, in L.A.  So why did ESPN spend all that money for a state-of-the art studio when they are doing nothing different?

Neil Everett and Stan Verrett are okay, but not a compelling enough reason to make this move.

In the face of financially tough times for the WWL, it looks like the only reason they made the switch is to allay the concerns of those on the left coast that ESPN practices East Coast bias.  Goodness gracious let’s hope that’s not the case.

Wait a minute…the verbal references…the Los Angeles themed graphics…the same SportsCenter look…that can be done from anywhere.  Is ESPN really broadcasting from Los Angeles or are they pulling a Capricorn One illusion on us?  Let’s hope so.  Because so far this experiment has not lived up to the billing.



  1. This ain’t rocket science. Every national sports media outlet worth anything, from Fox Sports to Yahoo Sports to, has an office in LA. You get a presence in the country’s second-largest market and your night crew gets to go home at midnight instead of 3 AM. Win-win.

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