Bye-bye, shaving cream pie

Pie faceAdd this to the list of tired sports-on-TV high jinks: the shaving cream pie to the face during baseball post-game interviews.

It hasn’t quite reached football’s Gatorade dump on the coach yet, but the pie face, as an occasional prank, used to be kind of amusing. But it seems to happen more and more now, so you know it’s coming and thus isn’t funny — kind of like the jokes on Two and a Half Men.

It’s not as if I have a humorous suggestion for another way high-spirited ballplayers can have fun with the star of the game as he’s interviewed live on TV. I’d probably end up recommending something like holding up a sign behind the interviewee that says, “Read every day.”

Though that wouldn’t ever get tired.



  1. You would think this crap would have been stopped after (then) White Sox catcher Toby Hall was seen wincing in pain from hurting his shoulder again last season doing a pie in the face during a post game interview. Hall was then dropped by Chicago after season, and signed by the Astros. During spring training, the Astros realized Hall’s shoulder was still injured, dropped him from the team, and the last I knew were taking steps to have the contract voided. All from a pie in the face.

    How many players need to get injured before this stops?

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