Friday’s notes

The new edition of Real Sports on HBO Tuesday (1o p.m. Eastern) features a segment on the hyper-competitiveness of sports parents who go to extremes to form their little athletes into scholarship and pro material. Among the extremes: seeking sperm donations from top athletes.

Actually, hasn’t that been going on for a while? We’ve just called those chasing the donations groupies.

# # #

David Wells calls Sunday’s Yankees-Twins game on TBS (1 p.m. Eastern) on the 11th anniversary of his perfect game for the Yankees. To increase the serendipity of Wells’ assignment, he pitched his no-hitter against Minnesota. For the sake of viewers, let’s hope Wells doesn’t try to duplicate his physical state of May 17, 1998. In his book, Wells said he was hungover that day.

# # #

Baltimore-Washington-centric note: Comcast SportsNet’s four telecasts of the Capitals-Penguins series averaged 140,000 households in the region (30,000 of them in Baltimore), which translates to a 4.7 rating in Washington and 2.6 in Baltimore. CSN posted its highest regular-season ratings for the Caps this season in Washington, 1.1, which was up 65 percent over the previous season, which was up 75 percent over the season before that. For comparison’s sake, the Caps’  average regular-season audience was about 25,000 homes, and the Nationals drew about 8,000 in 2008.


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