Manny and Brett and Kobe and Ron …

raynhomer If you were home in front of your TV as much as I was today (except for a break to play basketball and then negate my exercise by going to the supermarket and buying dark chocolate chunk gelato), you were thankful for the Manny Ramirez news.

That at least gave us three recurring stories, along with the latest on the Brett Favre saga and the Kobe Bryant-Ron Artest confrontation.

Now, I am not one of those who doesn’t understand the necessarily redundant nature of ESPN’s daytime programming. Most people aren’t watching for hours; they are catching chunks here and there while they go about their business. However, before the Los Angeles Times broke the story of Ramirez’s suspension for a positive drug test, I was feeling pretty Favre-d out. Favre on SportsCenter on ESPN, Favre on First Take on ESPN2 and Favre on ESPNEWS. Rachel Nichols was doing her level best to report non-news from a roadside in Hattiesburg, Miss., while traffic could be heard whizzing by.

(I suggested via Twitter the other day that ESPN could maximize the annoying nature of the Favre story by having it reported exclusively by Billy Mays.)

Things picked up considerably after the focus shifted to Ramirez. For one thing, that meant less Favre. For another, ESPN soon was reporting what banned substance Ramirez supposedly had in his system — a women’s fertility drug allegedly favored by steroid users to counteract some ‘roid effects. ESPNEWS augmented the story with a view from an ESPN Deportes commentator, speaking about what this could mean to Ramirez’s standing in the Latino community. ESPNEWS also carried audio from ESPN Radio affiliates, capturing some of the outrage in Los Angeles and carrying comments from Mr. Steroids I Told You So, Jose Canseco.

And I’m not usually a big Jim Rome fan, but give him credit for this line: “Do [Ramirez] and the Octomom have the same dealer?”

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