Ray Frager: Good to be here

When one Web door closes, another one opens.

Until last week, I worked at The Baltimore Sun, where I was an assistant sports editor and sports media columnist and blogger. But a bunch of us were cut Tuesday and Wednesday.

Though I have to figure out what I will do with the rest of my life, one thing I immediately knew I wanted to keep doing was contribute a blog. I was fortunate enough to hear almost immediately from the proprietor of this site, Keith Thibault, who has linked to my work in the past. Despite having seen examples of what I write, Keith offered me the chance to blog here.

I said yes before he could change his mind.

As for what form this will take, we’ll have to sort of figure that out as we go along. I  liked to combine a view of national media with what was going on in the Baltimore market. I hope I can continue to do that here. Look for some facts and some half-informed opinion, as well as the occasional non sequitur pop culture reference. (If you can’t believe in a thing called love, what can you believe in?)

… And here’s something else you can believe in (note the seamless transition to a new topic) when it comes to sports programming: This is the true reality TV. If you watched NBC’s telecast of the Kentucky Derby Saturday, one of the most striking elements — along with seeing Bob Costas is indeed taller than a jockey during his interview with Kent Desormeaux — was the emotion of winning rider Calvin Borel.

Just as when he triumphed aboard Street Sense two years ago, Borel’s post-race, horseback-to-horseback interview with Donna Brothers was conducted through tears of joy, expressing feelings just as real as anything you’ll see on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. More real, in fact.

Though not to denigrate the work Makeover performs on behalf of what seem to be quite worthy individuals, keep in mind how contrived the whole setup is and don’t forget all the editing around those teardrops and thrilled shrieks. That goes for the likes of Survivor and The Amazing Race, too. 

Meanwhile, the Derby truly is an amazing race, and a jockey such as Borel has be a real survivor. His quaking voice while recalling his late parents in his moment of victory is more real than anything you’ll see from whoever ends up currying the most favor from Simon and Paula.


  1. Ray, using Tweets merely to point people at your blog posts (over and over) is not going to garner you many followers on Twitter. Tweet something interesting along with your links, and try following some other people. Twitter could be a great tool for you. My unsolicited advice is now at an end.

  2. Ray:

    Good to find where you landed. Looking forward to your contributions.

    The horseback-to-horseback interview with Calvin Borel was great. However, I think NBC could have shown a replay of the race a bit sooner. Did they take a full 5 minutes to show him taking his victory lap and high-fiving every employee of Churchill Downs? Or did it just seem that long?

  3. Ray,

    Good to see you back online. Good luck in your new spot and I be back often!!


  4. Ray,

    It’s great that you found a place to express yourself about the media. I always looked forward, to your comments every Friday in your former paper, because I like your writing style and humor.

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