ESPN Continues to Try Too Hard

I usually don’t comment about the endless promotions at ESPN.  Most are effective, others are just plain silly.  Case in point on the latter is the current cross platform campaign on for ESPN Radio.

In an effort to get more listeners to their radio products, the WWL is using its website to get listeners to find their ESPN Radio Match,  pairing listeners with their most compatible ESPN Radio host.   There is a survey in the right sidebar to help listeners meet their radio “mate”.   The most disturbing part of the promotion are the videos which accompany each ESPN Radio host as they describe their perfect “match”.  Here is Mike Greenberg’s video…

Mike Goilic

Scott Van Pelt

All the national ESPN Radio personalities have profiles. There are also selected profiles of sports talk hosts from the ESPN-controlled local stations…like Michael Irvin in Dallas and John “Jurko” Jurkovic from ESPN Chicago.

This is another great example of ESPN having nothing better to do than to cheapen their product with such an idiotic stunt. Why not spend that energy and resources to improving the product. ESPN does itself no good in resorting to this type of “lowest common denominator” promotion.



  1. All day today the ESPN web site was covered with Masters coverage and ESPN news each half hour led off with 6 minutes of Master’s Day 1 coverage. That’s overkill on a normal day but on the day after a 22 year old major leaguer is killed that’s downright terrible. had the story of Nick Adenhart on their front page all day but all the world wide leader could do was post a link on the right side of their headlines frame and ESPN news didn’t mention the story until minute #7. I understand why they cover heavy the games their broadcasting but on a day like today let’s lead with the story everyone in the country, sports related or not, is talking about.

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