SMJ the Toddler

birthday-onesieI started Sports Media Journal (SMJ) two years ago this week.  No big deal really.  One of my first articles was a piece entitled What I Like About Sports Media- 2007.  Not much has changed in terms of how I view the sports media industry.

The onsie to the left shows us that we are still young and learning.  I wanted this site to be different.  I did not want to rehash the days’ sports media news, although I did reserve the right to comment on those stories from time to time.   There are plenty of sites that spend their time linking to stories all day.  They are better at it than I.  I do provide links on Fridays, the busiest day when it comes to print stories on the sports media.

I also never wanted SMJ to delve into the realm of rumor mongering.  That just insults the intelligence of our readers.  Again, if you want innuendo and gossip, there is plenty out there to find.  Just not here.

I always wanted the site to be a little smarter.  Go to the source to find out about those in the business.  I have been fortunate to interview some of those people in the past.  I strive to do more in that area.  I also wanted to use the site as a window into what it’s like to work in this field.  Our “On Press Row” series gives readers an insight into what the conditions are like for the media at various sporting events.

I’ve also delved into the world of podcasting.  It’s many times easier for me to interview members of the media by turning them into podcasts than to transcribe their every word.  Going forward expect more podcasts…and the introduction of video.

I make no bones about the fact that as much as I want SMJ to succeed, this is a part time venture for me.  If someone wants to step up to hire me to do this full time, your Google Reader wouldn’t know what hit it.  But that’s not the case.  My full time job (which by the way is in the media), my wife, and my daughter take priority.  I know the key to writing a successful blog is to post, post, post.  I won’t do that if what I write is superficial.  That makes no sense.

I’ve had some help along the way.  Thanks to T.J. Donegan for taking time from his educational pursuits to write for SMJ from time to time.  If anyone else wants to write for us, drop me a line.

I constantly seek ideas on how to make SMJ better.  I believe in not re-inventing the wheel.  How do the successful sports blogs do it?  I wasn’t sure,  so I asked them.  Their responses will be part of our next big endeavor.

Coming real soon, SMJ’s look at The Sports Blogger 2009.

Let me know how we can improve Sports Media Journal.  Thanks for checking in these last two years.

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