Sports Media Musings- January 4, 2009

I hope to make is a semi-regular feature…mixing in some of the biggest sports media headlines with other items that are not-so-front page:

I suppose the big news of the day is of Bill Cowher’s assertion that he does not plan to return to the sidelines any time soon.  He says CBS is “his team”.

There’s a new world record for continuously watching sports. Two days, 22 hours and 45 seconds? That doesn’t hold a candle to the record for continuous sports blogging. That belongs to some young caffeine-induced 20-something who hasn’t powered off his laptop since 2002.

Much has been made of the studio appearance yesterday on NBC by former Lions’ exec. Matt Millen.  David Earl at Softer Power expresses the feelings of many.  Millen’s appearance wasn’t a big deal for me.  He was pretty good as an analyst in the past.  Just because he did not make many wise personnel moves in Detroit should not disqualify his capability to return to the booth.

Meanwhile Teddy Mitrosilis at Fox blogs vents about the status of sports reporting these days.  I agree, but don’t expect things to change any time soon.

Bob Sala on his blog decries what he sees as a double standard when it comes to reporters and their coverage of the NFL compared to other leagues.

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