Another Day, Another Sports Blogger Fired From Day Job

Cameron Frye, a blogger (with a classic name) covering the Boston Bruins for Comcast Sports Net, got a decidedly unwelcome Christmas present this year: a pink slip.

Frye was recently published in’s “Waxing Off” feature where women bloggers and writers are welcome to discuss issues regarding sports or working as writers. It’s a fine feature, but it tends toward the racier side of things–mostly because it’s Deadspin–and just such a post got Frye in hot water with her bosses at CSN.

This isn’t the first time a blogger got into heat at their day job because of what they wrote online. Michael Tunison, also known as Christmas Ape at Deadspin and Kissing Suzy Kolber, the two major sports blogs that he writes for, lost his job as a Metro reporter for The Washington Post because of posts he made online.

Now, sports always has a section of its fans that enjoy, let’s say, an unsophisticated joke or two now and again. And I have no problem with people who write stuff like that. It’s incredibly hard to write funny and many of these people are very talented, regardless of how PG their writing may be. But you have to mesh that with your day job, especially if you’re a journalist and you write for a living. Now, Frye informed her boss that she was writing for Deadspin, but what she published on there would never fly on CSN’s website. It just wouldn’t. Same goes for Tunison and WaPo’s website.

There’s a reason I put my full byline on everything I publish, both in blogs and in print: I want my name to be associated with everything else I do. I can’t write one way for a private blog, another for a sports blog, and then keep the raunchy jokes under wraps when I put on my reporter hat and get printed on paper. Not anymore, it just doesn’t work like that.

Deadspin explains the situation on their site here. Frye is now working for and told her side of the story. Or you can view the original Waxing Off entry by Frye and judge for yourself.

A healthy dose of (NSFW language) warning on those links, of course. But if you didn’t write it, I doubt it’s anything to get you fired over.

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