What They’re Saying, September 5th, 2008

I am back after a brief hiatus to bring you our weekly look at what some of the sports media columnists are writing about on this Friday…

Dave Darling at the Orlando Sentinel has the story of how ESPN plans to keep the celebrities out of the Monday Night Football booth…

George Thomas at the Akron Beacon Journal adds his MNF thoughts.

Bob Wolfley at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel asks members of the media their thoughts on the Favre-less 2008 Packers.

Mel Bracht at the Oklahoman also has a piece on MNF on ESPN.  He also looks at the local TV ratings as well as his weekly media notes.

Heading to New York, Richard Sabdomir at the NY Times talks about how the remnants of Hanna make make it difficult for CBS and the US Open to finish the tournament.

Bob Raissman at the NY Daily News points out the impact the Yankees not making the playoffs will have on the YES Network…

Marcus Henry at Newsday has the story of Chris Russo’s debut on Sirius XM Radio.

In Boston David Scott has an update on the writing for the new WEEI.com.

Tom Hoffarh at the LA Daily News has his weekly offering as well as not one, not two, but three blog posts with extra material.

Michael Hiestand at USA Today has a story on Brian Billick’s move to television as well as other network news heading onto the new NFL season.

Christopher Byrne on Eye On Sports Media looks at the early stages of the upcoming MLB Network.

Barry Jackson at the Miami Herald has analysts’ thoughts on the 2008 Dolphins.

Scott D. Pearce at the Salt Lake City Desert News has reaction to the WAC’s TV deal with ESPN.

Steve Springer at the LA Times has a piece on NBC’s Andrea Kremer.

Ray Buck at the Fort Worth Star Telegram reports on Fox’s Troy Aikman’s support of Tony Romo.

John Maffei at the North County Times has local San Diego sports radio news…

Ray Frager at the Baltimore Sun reports on a new sports radio station coming to the city..

Jay Posner at the San Diego Union Tribune has the local NFL choice of KFMB.

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