NFL Local Sports Media- Denver Broncos

We spend today in the Mile High City to look at the media that covers the Denver Broncos

Newspaper- Denver is fortunate to be a two newspaper town.  The Denver Post has a clean. yet simple looking online sports section.  It includes dedicated coverage of the Broncos. Beat writer Lindsay Jones handles the All Things Broncos blog.  It’s always interesting when you have Woody Paige and Jim Armstrong also commenting on the team from time to time.

Over at the Rocky Mountain News their sports page is also clean and understated.  They too have special content on the Broncos, including Jeff Legwold and Lee Rasizer’s Broncos 24/7 blog.  They also have a section where they link to independent Broncos blogs.  Good move.  And if you want a visual view of the team, check in with Drew Litton‘s cartoons periodically.

Sports Radio- KOA serves as the flag ship in the Broncos Radio Network. Dave Logan and David Diaz-Infante provide game day coverage of the team.  Sports Radio KKFN has Broncos talk all day long.

Television-  KCNC, KDVR, KMGH and KUSA has television coverage of the Broncos.

Blogs-  You’ll find more information on the Broncos at Mile High ReportPredominantly Orange, Total Broncos, and Bronco Madness.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the local Broncos coverage or other site you like to visit.

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