NFL Local Sports Media- Philadelphia Eagles

Let’s check out the City of Brotherly Love and the local media that covers the Philadelphia Eagles

Newspaper-  Philadelphia is a two newspaper town owned by one company.  Both papers are housed within the same web site.  The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News sports sections seems devoid of any page dedicated to the Eagles.   The Daily News beat writers do maintain a blog.  The Inquirer also has a blog, but it’s not easy to find.  The host site, however, does have a dedicated Eagles page which encompasses both newspapers’ content.

Sports Radio- WYSP serves as the flagship in the Eagles Radio Network.  Merrill Reese serves as the play-by-play voice, joined by Mike Quick with analysis.  Philly fans are fortunate to have two sports radio stations to follow the team; powerhouse WIP and WPEN.

Television- Television outlets in Philadelphia include KYW, WCAU, WPVI, and WTXF.

Blogs- Check out Bleeding Green NationIggles Blog, Eagles Locker, and Bleed Eagles Green for independent writing on the Eagles.

For those of you who read other news on the Eagles, share those resources in the comments section.


  1. What a total embarrassment the Philadelphia Eagles have become. Sunday’s crushing loss to Baltimore signals the end of the road for both Andy and Donovan. They were so bad that it makes you think there is nothing to salvage and we must begin rebuilding from the ground up. For me it’s a personal tragedy as I have tickets to the remaining home games and I’m such a homer that I’ll probably go to all of them.

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