Spring 2008 Sports Radio Ratings, Part 10

More and more sports radio stations are having their Arbitron Spring 2008 ratings being released. Here’s a look…

Raleigh-Durham (#43 Radio Market)

WRBZ 0.8 (#17 in Market)
WDNZ 0.7 (#19 in Market)

Memphis (#49 Radio Market)

WHBQ 1.1 (#17 in Market)
KQPN 0.9 (#19)

Albany, NY (#63 Radio Market)

WTMM 3.0 (#10 in Market)
WOFX 0.8 (#21)

Syracuse, NY (#82 Radio Market)

WHEN 1.4 (#15 in Market)
WNSS 0.7 (#20)

Mobile, AL (#93 Radio Market)

WNSP 1.4 (#12 in Market)

All ratings are for listeners ages 12 and up.  Numbers courtesy of Station Ratings.

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