NFL Local Sports Media- Seattle Seahawks

We head to the Pacific Northwest to look at the local media who covers the Seattle Seahawks…

Newspaper-  Seattle is lucky to have, for a city its size, two daily newspapers.  The Seattle Times has a rather ordinary-looking sports section.  Its dedicated Seahawks section follows the same theme, although does provide quite a bit of information.  Substance over style, which is the point, I guess.  Columnist Danny O’Neil leads the other beat writers in maintaining the paper’s Seahawks Blog.

The other daily in town is the Seattle Post-Intellegencer. If you are looking for glitz, the P-I’s sports section is also not much to look at.  But we’re not looking for glitz, so the dedicated Seahawks section should do us fine.  Beat writer Clare Farnsworth also leads the word done on the paper’s Talkin’ Hawks blog.

Sports Radio-  The Seahawks Radio Network cuts a swath across much of the upper west.  Steve Raible handles the play-by-play with former QB Warren Moon in the analysts seat.  KIRO-AM is the flagship station.  Sports talker KJR satisfies the fans interest in discussing the team.

Television-  KCPQ, KIRO, KING, and KOMO cover the Seahawks on the TV-side of things.

Blogs-  Some of the independent blogs covering the Seahawks include Field GullsSeahawks Central, Seahawks Gab, and Seahawks Locker.

I know this list is not complete.  If you have another local media outlet you’d like to promote that covers the Seahawks, include them in the comments.

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