Spring 2008 Sports Radio Ratings, Part 6

Here are a few more sports radio station ratings from around the USA for the Spring 2008 Arbitron Ratings book…

Atlanta (#8 Radio Market)

WCNN 1.2 (#23 in Market)
WQXI 1.0 (#24)

Miami (#12 Radio Market)

WQAM 1.5 (#23 in Market)
WAXY 1.1 (#26)

Charlotte (#25 Radio Market)

WFNZ 1.9 (#15 in Market)

Orlando (#34 Radio Market)

WHOO 1.5 (#19 in Market)

West Palm Beach, FL (#46 Radio Market)

WEFL 0.7 (#30 in Market) 

Gainsville, FL (#83 Radio Market) 

WGGG 1.0 (#21 in Market)

The numbers reflect all audiences ages 12 and up.  Ratings courtesy of Station Ratings..

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