NFL Local Sports Media- Jacksonville Jaguars

Next up on our look at the local sports media covering the NFL takes us to Jacksonville and the Jaguars

Newspaper- The Florida Times-Union is the dominant newspaper in Jacksonville. It’s online version has decent coverage of the team, especially through their Ultimate Jaguars section, which serves as a news source and a blog for the paper’s beat writers.

Sports Radio- The Jaguars Radio Network has the team covered in North Florida on game day with Brian Sexton on play-by-play and Jeff Lageman provided commentary. The pair also hosts a weekly talk show on WOKV. Jags talk can also be found on sports talker WFJX and WJXL.

Television-  The following television outlets cover the Jags;  WAWS, WJXX, WTEV, and WTLV.

Blogs-  Some of the independent blogs covering the Jags include Big Cat Country, Jaguars Locker, Jaguars Gab, and Jaguars Nation.

If we missed any Jacksonville Jags resources, please include them in the comments.

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