Spring 2008 Sports Radio Ratings, Part 1

It’s that time again…time to look at the ratings for some of the sports radio stations from around the country. The following ratings numbers are for the Spring 2008 Arbitron ratings period. They reflect all listeners ages 12 and up. Sports radio stations typically are interested in men 25-54, but those ratings are not publicly available (at least not to me).

Thanks to Station Ratings for the information. Here we go…

New York (#1 Radio Market)

WFAN 2.3 (#18 in Market)
WEPN 0.6 (#29)

Los Angeles (#2 Radio Market)

KLAC 1.1 (#28 in Market)
KSPN 0.7 (#36)

Chicago (#3 Radio Market)

WMVP 1.6 (#23 in Market)
WSCR 1.5 (#26)

San Diego (#17 Radio Market)

XEPRS 1.8 (#20 in Market

Milwaukee (#36 Radio Market)

WAUK 0.4 (#28 in Market)

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