NFL Local Sports Media- Cincinnati Bengals

Here we go. Here is the first of our previews of some of the local media outlets covering NFL teams. We feel these resources are often times the best way to glean information about a team. Let’s take a look at the local media covering the Cincinnati Bengals

Newspaper- The predominant newspaper in town is the Cincinnati Enquirer. The paper’s online sports page includes a dedicated section on the Bengals. Included in the coverage is beat writer Mark Curnutte’s blog. You’ll also find some Bengals tidbits from columnist Paul Daughterty’s blog. Looks like a solid place to start when searching for local reporting on the team.

Sports Radio- There are two sports radio stations in the greater Cincinnati area. WCKY, 1530Homer The Sports Animal, is play-by-play home for the Bengals. Brad Johansen is the team’s play-by-play voice while Dave Lapham handles color commentary. The station’s website is fairly comprehensive, including a special Bengals page. Clear Channel Communications, the owner of WCKY, also owns the city’s other sports radio outlet, WSAI.

Television- The Queen City is serviced by four major television stations. They are…ABC’s WCPO, NBC’s WLWT, CBS’ WKRC, and Fox’ WXIX.

Blogs- Here are some of the independent blogs that follow the Bengals; Cincy Jungle, Bengal Stripes, Bengals Gab, The Bengal Blitz, and Bengals Locker.

This is no where near a comprehensive list of the outlets covering the Bengals. If we missed a resource, make sure to include them in the comments.


  1. We like to think we have a fun little blog about the Bengals going. We predicted a 3-13 season…looks like we were optimistic.

    Nice job on digging into the local scene though. Paul Daugherty is fantastic but make sure you also add Chick Ludwig from Dayton Daily News. They both provide superior info about the team.

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