ESPN Favre-Pas?

I’ve been a vocal critic of ESPN and their handling of certain stories, specifically, thier apparent fascination with some of them.  The Bret Favre story comes to mind

But is ESPN inadvertently casting judgement on future NFL Hall of Famer?

Here is a picture of Favre at last night’s ESPY’s…followed by the caption which accompanied it:










Wednesday, July 16, 2008- Los Angeles, Calif – Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre during the 2008 ESPY Awards (emphasis added)

I know that technically he is a former quarterback because he has not yet asked to be reinstated.  But with the WWL kissing his butt every step of his career, is this a slight, unconcious, indication on how the saga should play itself out?

Just wondering.


  1. Nice observation but a bit silly to make anything of it. Captions demand accuracy. Anything besides “former quarterback” would have been less accurate, and would most certainly be read as subtle editorializing.

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