Joe Buck Doesn’t Watch Much Sports

From the “You must be kidding me” department…

Take a listen to this short clip from Fox’ Joe Buck on the Colin Cowherd radio show today on ESPN Radio.

For a guy who makes a living as a sports commentator, shouldn’t one of his tasks be to watch as much sports as possible? It’s his job for crying out loud!

I agree with both men that, for normal people, their lives prevent them from watching much sports during the week. But for you guys watching sports IS part of your job!

Buck is also right about the pace of a baseball game and the time required to watch it. It does take away a little from the enjoyment of the game. You can blame television and some of the prima donna athletes for that.

As much as I like Joe Buck’s on-air work, he should probably take a little more interest in the product on which he describes.

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