Will Leitch, Proud Member of the Mainstream Media

Word came down this afternoon, directly from the source, that Will Leitch will be leaving his post as editor of Deadspin effective June 27th.  He has accepted the position of contributing editor at New York Magazine.

Many thoughts entered my head when I first heard the news.  The first was, what a hypocrite!  Leitch has been such a critic of those in the mainstream press for most of his time at Deadspin and now he finds it convenient to join them?  What a sell out! 

Will he still be able to write “without access, favor, or discretion” now that he has access?  It really made my blood boil that the man who has, on occasion, called the old media, well, old, is now part of the club.  It just didn’t sit well with me…even though I realize the value of both old AND new media.  It just seemed Will would never stray from the cutting edge.  And it appears like he has.

Then I took a breath.

Leitch has done much work for the mainstream press for years.  This is truly an opportunity for him, and no one should criticize him for that.   Anyone who feels they have a better situation before them should take advantage of it.

I wish Will the best.  I just wonder when he will crumble under the demands and constraints the mainstream media will place upon him.  He created Deadspin and didn’t pursue a journalism career for that reason.  It’s a little ironic that he appears to be singing a different tune.  The reasons for which I will leave up for speculation.


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