1. That’s great that JT won he is the best on radio

    I am a avid Raider Fan I sit in the First row of the Black Hole.

    Mike from Rancho Cucamonga

  2. Congrats to JT and all his fans!

    He is by far the most personable host in sports talk. He is approachable and directly answers all inquiries. I think that eventually won the day in a online contest like this.

    Thanks for running the contest!

    Ed in Florida

  3. Congratulations to J.T. the Brick on winning the Sports Media Journals’s Sports Radio Madness Bracket Contest!

    The voters spoke and got it right when they deemed JT the best sports talk radio host in America!

    The Brick House on Fox Sports Radio’s Game Time React is truly the most interactive sports talk radio program in the country, hosted by JT, along with update guru, and the voice of the Best Damn Sports Show, Tomm Looney.

    The best callers in the nation lineup nightly to get into the Brick House, to express their views on sports with unparalelled passion and energy!

    As my good friend Benny Jet, like myself, a regular caller to the show for more than 11 years, said… thank you voters!


    Mick N. Hayward


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