You Can Still Make Your Vote Count

If you haven’t done so, you have until 6pm ET today to cast your ballot for either JT The Brick or Tim Brando in the SMJ Sports Radio Madness sports host tournament.

The winner will be announced tonight. Don’t get shut out!



  1. I refuse to vote in this – neither JT the Brick or Tim Brando can hold a candle to David Stein or Todd Wright (Stein is very refreshing with his “celebration of life thru sports”). JT’s problem is some of his crazy callers (i.e. Sugar White Mike and his Voodoo Boogaloo), and not enough great callers (i.e. The Mayor of Poway).

  2. J.T the Brick gets my vote, the man doesn’t suck up to corporate, he calls it as he sees it, its refreshing to get straight to the moment.

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