SMJ Sports Radio Madness- JT The Brick (6) vs. Tim Brando (13)

It has all come down to this. After four weeks of intense battle and dedicated voting, the championship match-up of the SMJ Sports Radio Madness sports host tournament is upon us. The survivors of this match-up are JT The Brick from Fox Sports Radio and Tim Brando of Sporting News Radio.

JT The Brick– JT The Brick joined Fox Sports Radio as the afternoon host in June 2001. JT first gained national attention hosting a popular overnight show on more than 100 stations for SportsFan Radio Network. Get more on JT here.

Tim Brando- Tim Brando attained national celebrity in front of the camera as the host of CBS Sports’ College Football Today and At the Half, CBS Sports’ college basketball halftime studio show. Brando also provides commentary for Jefferson Pilot’s coverage of SEC and ACC basketball broadcasts and has been a participant in the SEC-focused athletic radio show Conference Call, which airs throughout the Southeast. Get more on Tim here.

Voting ends April 9th at 6pm ET.



  1. Come on, Tim Brando, Forget about it! JT wins this in a “cake walk.” I don’t even know what a cake walk is, but JT sure does! Nice semi-finals Brick, us loyal listeners will carry the momentum through to the end and “Shake down the thunder from the sky”

  2. Brando vs John in the Finals?

    This tournament was obviously a horrible idea.

    I encourage everyone to vote for Brando, not because he’s better, but because if John wins, he’ll rant on about this forever and a day, in pointless ramblings.

    “I take more phone callers than any other show.”

    …wait, so the ability to say “Hello, (Name), What’s on your mind” is the skill he wants to promote more than anything?

    That’s right, being able to answer a phone makes you a 6-figure radio host, in fact, one of the top two.

    He should also win the tournament for doing the most with the least.

  3. Hey AC, obviously you don’t listen to the Brick for one simple reason. He has more opinios in the first 10 minutes of his show than others have over four hours. He is passionate and has the guts to speak his mind. Of course he takes calls, but he has an opinion before and after the call. He doesn’t read his radio show like his former mentor and he actually knows what he is talking about. I’m in the military and appreciate J.T. because he talks to soldiers and thanks them for their service.

  4. If you did not read my earlier post about the results of the semifinals, Todd Wright expressed his desire to be taken out of the contest due to some personal issues he is facing. We granted his wish, thus Brando is in the finals…


  5. Yet again…..

    Raider Nation comes out in force in support of JT! The Nation is an unstoppable force when we decide to get something done, and this is just more proof of the Greatness that is the best fan base in all of professional sports!

    Go Raiders! Al’s Mandate is McFadden!!


  6. OBVIOUSLY JT is the best out there. He not only has a great show and gives callers a chance to say whats on their mind, but he goes to many different towns across the nation and interacts with his listener base up close and personal. He has visited us in Detroit 4 times at least and I have also hung out with him in Tampa at the final 4 a few years ago. He is the only sports talk host that does that on a regular base and thats 1 good reason he is so well liked. You get nothing phony with JT the Brick

  7. J.T. is the best forget the rest!week after week JT gives us great shows plus oppurtunities for musician’s to have UNKNOW music featured on his show weekly…..I really enjoy when J.T talk’s to Benny Jet of the BENNY and the JETS band ,about sports….J.T..STRIKES ME AS A STRAIGHT SHOOTER…..HE DESERVES TO WIN !!

  8. JT should win this hands down. This is not even close. Brick is by far the best. JT- I have voted for you all the way through! I will repeat it as oft is needed, JT is the real deal. A vote against JT is sign of an uninformed sports radio listener. JT THE CHAMP!

  9. Not even close, Jt maybe a NY homer but he does recognize the passion of us Boston fans and the sports radio giant that is WEEI. Jt is the winner hands down.

  10. I certainly agree w. JT laying a whupping on Brando – however, although he is very passionate (and he certainly has valid opinions), I am not in love with some of his passionate callers (i.e. Sugar White Mike) – the Raider Nation callers and the Mayor of Poway being exceptions. However, I prefer David Stein (who JT beat in the semis) with his celebration of life thru sports, and even like Todd Wright (altho I favored the ESPN version of Todd to the SNN version of Todd).

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