It’s On to the Finals!

Congratulations go out to the winners of the semifinal round of the SMJ Sports Radio Madness sports host competition.

In our largest voting to date, Fox Sports’ JT The Brick ended the upset bid of Sporting News Radio’s David Stein to earn a spot in the finals.

In the other semifinal, Todd Wright of SNR contacted me to say he would like to be taken out of the running in the competition due to personal issues he is now facing. I will abide by his wishes, meaning that Tim Brando will represent the top half of the bracket in the finals. We at SMJ wish Todd all the best.

Voting for the finals begins tomorrow morning and will last until 6pm ET Wednesday, April 9th. May the best host win!



  1. I’m confused as to how a personal issue can have a bearing on a sports radio poll. He should ignore the contest. This is the public voting for their favorite personality. I’m confused.

  2. All division winners need a home playoff game. This means reverse seed 8 WildCard teams. This will level the playing field with the top seed playing the first week and keep all the other teams playing right down to the last game, because they play a weaker team with every win! The fans win because they get to see more action from first stringers week 16 and 17. The NFL wins because they get more Playoff games with more markets watching. The players and coaches win because they have a slightly better chance at longevity in the NFL! So everybody wins!

    My second idea is to change the unfair bye week were some teams get one early on and other teams get one before the final four games. I feel the NFL should play out 8 games and then feature an NFC weekend with division games and the next week feature an AFC weekend with division games. This would level the playing field for all the teams, and allow the NFL to have TWO ALL STAR WEEKENDS!

    Let’s see how much stroke you guy have!

  3. At a boy ‘JT The Brick’!

    Raider Nation Kickin Butt and Takin Names!! JT will win, and serve as yet another example of why Raider Nation (The ONLY Real Nation for all you mark Beantowners out there) is the best fan base in all of sports.

    The rest of you are put on notice!! Raider Nation is yet again on the rise!!

    Al’s Mandate is McFadden!!


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