SMJ Sports Radio Madness- JT The Brick (6) vs. David Stein (23)

Will the David Stein machine keep rolling along? Or will JT The Brick put an end to the upset-minded 23 seed? It’s our second semifinal match-up between the Fox Sports Radio late night host and Sporting News Radio’s overnight talker.

JT The Brick– JT The Brick joined Fox Sports Radio as the afternoon host in June 2001. JT first gained national attention hosting a popular overnight show on more than 100 stations for SportsFan Radio Network. Get more on JT here.

David Stein- The David Stein Show has broken the boundaries of traditional sports talk radio. David is transforming the lives of people across the country and around the world through his visionary approach to issues affecting the world of sports and how those issues affect our lives.
The David Stein Show is heard on 115 radio stations, including The Score in Chicago, The Ticket in Dallas, KILT in Houston, Sports Radio 950 in Philadelphia, WXYT in Detroit, 106.7 Free FM in Washington DC, Supertalk FM 96.5 in Cincinnati and FMTalk 93.9 in Indianapolis and 1010 XL in Jacksonville. More about David here.

Voting ends April 2nd at 6pm ET.



  1. JT has changed sports talk radio. He road trips, he brings energy, passion , and lets the callers talk!… He has myspace monday music where he plays myspace bands on national radio. He does Military Thursday where Military from around the world call in.
    JT is real, he believes in American, family, doing the right thing and in the people that support him.

    JT needs your vote
    Thanks BENNY
    Benny and the Jets Band

  2. I think that he is a sex symbol. I always listen to him. He speaks directly to ME. I love you David!

  3. David Stein is a Brilliant Original Genius!!!
    He is a pioneer in sports talk radio!
    Celebrating LIFE through SPORTS is what it’s all about!!!

  4. I have absolutely nothing against JT the Brick. I just know that David Stein is a one-of-a-kind talk show host and that he is transforming sports talk with his positive approach to a format that has become mostly negative. We need more David Steins — in sports talk and in life — to move away from the addiction to negativity and confrontation and toward a more positive approach to life. Those who haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy David’s overnight show simply don’t know what they’re missing — but I encourage them to find out!

  5. David brings home the point that sports is part of life, not a life. The Brick is solid but David S. is gold.

  6. i love both of them. JT gets on my nerves sometimes cuz he doesn’t listen to people like David does. He is entertaining though.
    David tells great stories and brings a great feel to the show. Makes the listener feel involved.

    but i’m gonna have to give this one to JT just based on his impact on the sports media world

    I love both of them!

  7. David’s show has helped many of people look at there own lives in many different ways through sports and other ares in there lives that need changed for the better. Whenever I struggle with whatever it is. David constantly reminds me and others to do a random act of kindness for someone else in need or just to be a decent human being to our fellow man or woman. Remember helping others is what it is all about! David shows people in a blind world of negativity how to help themselves by helping others: GOD BLESS

  8. I have been an insomiac for years. Davids show is on late night. During those tuff times David has been inspirational about looking at the positive side of life. Go David go!!!

    Kevin Tatum

  9. I love both guys! Stein dedicates his shows to the troops AND first repsonders (cops, fire, EMT and security guards), JT does his special night for the troops. What seperates them is simple. One talks at you, the other let’s you talk. While JT yells “Ka-Pow!” and hangs up on callers, D Stein says “Tell me something good going on in your life”. The Stein show is TRULY interactive radio. JT has great insight (and the awesome Tomm Looney, too!) but JT’s show is just about one person…JT and his sponsers. Stein is grass roots. No strings attached and no one controlling his show.

  10. I know Dave personally. He’s a great guy, I love his program, he really cares about people and his listeners. He’s a man with integrity and passion and this flows over to his Radio Show. We need more people on the radio like David. He’s a great man of Faith and has a positive message for all who listen. Winner winner chicken dinner.

  11. David Stein is the BOMB! If you can put your own issues aside for a moment and just listen, David and the Friends of the Show can steer you in the right direction, away from negativism. additictions and toward getting off the bench, into life, and doing things for others because living that way feels damned good!

  12. David speaks my language. There is more to sports than “breaking it down”. David takes us to the essence of sports.

  13. I love David Stein. He touches my heart and makes me THINK. Life is too short to waste on superficial things. Besides, he has cute girl kitens!

  14. David Stein:

    Through sports and his personna,
    articulates two splendid human/humane
    qualties to his listeners; Fidelity
    and Friendhip.

    God Bless,

    Joe Orlando,AKA, Duke Ficino

  15. JT has been the leader in interactive sports radio for years! jt is the man! Fox Sports Radio is on top due to JT’s excellet show!

    Who is ??????? Stein?

  16. David Stein brings a refreshing and unique perspecive to talk radio. He deserves every vote-no one does a show like he does. Live well, love a lot, and laugh often!

  17. I’ve been listening to JT for 10 years, and he was a pioneer for making callers the focus of the show. David Stein has done the same, but without negativity. Here is the difference though. After listening to a David Stein show, I feel like I’ve never had it better in my life, and thankful for everything. David Stein is the choice, and even with that said, it’s still not about him.

  18. I had all my friends vote for David! His show rocks! He’s changed the way I listen to radio. We love you David!

  19. This is like comparing apples to oranges. JT is clearly the winner here. Nothing against Stein, but JT brings a passion to what he does like no other radio host. Hands down, THE BRICK.

  20. David Stein belongs on Christian radio. I can’t stand that background music!
    Why are we stuck with him for seven hours a night? What happened to David Smith and Tony Bruno? At least they talked about current
    events in SPORTS and not somebody’s favorite
    ballpark, or something nice they did today, or have to talk about some silly topic of the
    day nonsense! His show is childish! Maybe he could do Christian weather!

  21. As an avid radio listener, I truly appreciate both of these shows. But with the task of choosing one, my choice is easy: David Stein and his “Celebration of Life Thru Sports” is the clear winner. Thank you David for making my nights both entertaining and fulfilling.

  22. As someone who has very little , if not more correctly , no interest in sports , I am still very much a fan of the D.Stein Show.
    While there is a good deal of sports talk , it goes much deeper and more encompassing than simply sports. I think it is wonderful for men especially to have a forum to discuss emotional issues and yet as a woman , I still feel very comfortable listening not as if I wandered into a guys only place but a place for people who like sports or people who like people

  23. Paper carriers unite! It’s like a “Steinway” piano. Unique, compassionate and beyond the cover and introduction of a book. Much happens between birth and “passed”. David tickles those keys better than anyone else.


  25. JT is the real deal! He brings the sporting experience to his listeners! Example, he did a live broadcast from Daytona and we could here the trucks racing while he was broadcasting! That was awesome! He goes to the game, sits with the fans and talks about issues from the perspective of the fans in the stands. Military night in the brick house is great! JT puts all politics aside and supports our troops and puts them to the front of the call line! I bought XM just to hear his show when he gets preempted by the local games! I’m 3000 miles away from Brick and feel like I know him personally! JT BY FAR IS HANDS DOWN THE BEST RADIO PERSONALITY OUT THERE!!!!!! LOVE YA BRICK, keep bring the energy to sports fans everywhere!

  26. JT is the man on the late night radio. Nothing beats HARDCORE Wednesdays and military night on Thursdays on the radio.



    Riding on the JT THE BRICK WARWAGON!!!!!!

  27. David Stein is taller, is a better golfer, has a great voice, and has lots of heart. Put that in the final four.

  28. J.T. hasn’t mentioned this contest ONCE on the air. Stein is begging people to vote. This is truely sad. He asks people to pay it forward by voting for him? He is asking people who don’t listen to sports radio to vote for him. He is a nice guy, but is not in the same league as the Brick. J.T. is taking down Sporting News Radio all by himself.

  29. JT by far the better of the 2. He gets his listeners involved in the show like nobody else does.

    winner, chicken dinner, how many times have you voted when your only allowed to vote once. Booooooooo

  30. Jt the brick lacks what it takes. Here is a guy from Long Island and he denounces NHL hockey on his show! Claims he is the loudest & proudest fan. Yeah right! The guy lived in a city at a time when the NY Isles were dominating the sport of hockey. And yet he never puts hockey topics on the table unless they are controversial ones. I’m not a Stein supporter, I just think Jt is a blow-hard ego maniac.

  31. i don’t see any other women here – too bad; i’m a small but passionate representative sample of my gender. David Stein has brought fun and compassion to sports. Every single time i listen to his show i am inspired to keep loving my sports and continuing the tradition my dad taught me.

  32. Hey, I have nothing against JT “The Brick”, but if you want something a little different, a little more closer to the TRUE meaning of Sports and how your memories can/have and will affect your life through sports, give The David Stien Show on Sporting News Radio which goes out over the Public Airwaves in the Chicago area (and 48 states, I believe) on WSCR, The Score 670 AM Sun. through Thursday Nights 1 am 5 am CDST…unless there is a late Hawks or Sox game going…

    When you wake up to your child being sick, or as in my case, I can’t sleep due to a back injury, or your just feeling alone one evening try it, trust me!, you’ll find a differnet type of sports talk show and you’ll never be alone again.

  33. David Stein’s show is one of the most underrated shows on the radio. If he was on at any other time than 2 AM EST, he would get more respect.

    RIP Mary in South Bend

    P.S. Raiders suck, that’s right Ryan, Jamarcus Russell is the next David Carr

    Go Red Sox, love my hat I won from the David Stein

  34. JT is an outstanding person. I don’t know much about David Stein, but I know he can’t be a better human being than JT. As far as sports talk goes, JT The Brick is the most knowledgable and hard working man in radio. He cares about the fans, the game and the athletes themselves. He is a true gentleman and should win this hands down!

    JT for President!

  35. there is no one in sports radio who even comes close to jts passion for sports its simple jt is the best bottom line

  36. I love both of these guys and its a tough choice. JT was who got me started listening to sports talk, so the nod goes to JT. Stein has a quality program as well and I can’t rate one show better than the other, they are just different.

  37. I like both hosts, and cannot disagree with Benny-c comments. However, I’ll take David Stein’s celebration of life thru sports over JT’s caller driven radio, as his show’s much more inspirational.

  38. Everyone needs to vote for JT! David who?! Anyone who doesn’t vote for JT isn’t enthusiastic about sports! BRICK ’08!!!

  39. JT is the best sports talk radio host by far. No matter what your choice of sport or team he lets you air out your rants about it.


  40. I just listened to Daves show on a 15 minute ride home for the first time and I find it dull and boring. The is no excitement in his voice or his callers, sort of like calling you sister living in another state just to say hi. Glad I didn’t have a longer drive or I might have had an accident. He asked every caller (4 of them) “whats exciting in your life today.” Come’on David crank it up some.

    JT the Brick, Hands down.

  41. We get the David Stein show in the late afternoon / evening in Australia via the Web.

    Working in sports last year for a struggling Aussie Rules football club it was a fairly tough time but David’s show often helped put things into a proper perspective.

    Dave gets my vote

  42. I’ve never been exposed to JT, but I do know this, the David Stein listeners and those who comment on this page actually get the message. It is not about bringing JT down, but lifting up those thimgs that you like. Sports transcends life, and has always been more than the Xs and Os on which most shows focus. Pick up the phone moments occur constantly when viewing sporting events, David has just made everyone who listens recognize them when they occur.

    David in Houston

  43. I listen to David Stein show when I am here in Michigan or over seas. Last week I was listening to him in Korea. He is an inspiration and has a different twist on sports and how it affects your life. Keep paying it forward.
    Rich O

  44. Hello and What up America,

    Keeping it Real, Paying it Forward, Random Acts of Kindness Monday, Dedicating every show to those who serve us, our 1st responders and our brave men and women serving in the military, and bringing sports talk to life with a totally new perspective. David is the Best hands down. So pay it forward and pass this show on to a friend and share with them something good in your life and for me that is The David Stein Show!

    Take Care & God Bless

    Matt in Charlotte

  45. I believe that David Stein has more insite and a better commentator. His wisdom and humor makes for a much better show.

    Dave is truly the MAN!!


  46. Been listening to David for over a year now. Drive in the morning traffic to D.C. real early. It is a pleasure to be able to listen to David and the genuine concern he has for others. Semper Fi

  47. It takes a real pro to do that show with the imagination Dave does every night. The sign of someone who is good at his craft. He doesn’t need game results to make the time fly by. He uses HIS mind not that of those in the sporting world.

  48. Well..I like JT..he is a hype guy..he sells his brand..etc..i think it is so funny that he tells us all the time how so dam good his show is…he does have the balls to do that..but when it boils down to content..real things that matter in my life I go with David Stein baby..this guy dares to be different..I really dig that..and it makes me admire the network that allows him to do that..

  49. David has a truely unique show. I listen on my way into work early in the morning:about 2:30am to 3:30am. Sometimes the callers really get to my heart… definitely shows the true passion of sports lovers…David doesnt tell you what to think, he listens and opens up your mind to say what you want to say. I am surprised at all the female comments about how sexy he is…the guys may not like that but it is one of the things that draws females into sports. Dont get me wrong, we females can spit out stats with the best of them, but yeah—David is definitely a welcome voice and personality for us! DF

  50. David has a truely unique show. I listen on my way into work early in the morning:about 2:30am to 3:30am. Sometimes the callers really get to my heart… definitely shows the true passion of sports lovers…David doesnt tell you what to think, he listens and opens up your mind to say what you want to say. Surprised at female comments about how sexy he is, guys may not like it but it is one of the things that draws females into sports. Dont get me wrong, we females can spit out stats with the best of them, but yeah—David is definitely a welcome voice and personality for us! DF

  51. David has a truely unique show. I listen on my way into work early in the morning. Sometimes callers really get to my heart. Definitely shows the true passion of sports lovers. David listens and opens up your mind to say what you want to say. I’m Surprised at female comments about how sexy he is, guys may not like it but it is one of the things that draws females into sports. Dont get me wrong, we can spit out stats with the best of them, but yeah—David is definitely a welcome voice and personality for us! DF

  52. Stein unbeatable during Masters season. Only competition would be Laura Ingraham on a good hair day. What, not seeded??

  53. daves show is a refreshing change from the ordinary…sports shows are now predictable and even to the point of”forcing” topics on the public ie..bonds..brackets etc GO DAVE…

  54. J.T. is a total azzhat. He does hardly any of the show himself. The callers should be the ones getting paid as they spend more time on air than he does. I wonder how many times this idiot has pulled his arm outta joint for patting himself on the back for being interactive or on air 4 hours straight. Hey that would be some accomplishment, if it was only him,huh? He has no real interview skills. I can’t blame any sports personality for not coming on air with the fool. I bet none know who the hell he is. His guests (when he can get one) are lame and always the same.Jim freakin’ Brown and some idiot doing a poor imitation of Howard Cosell. Not to mention he has a goofy sidekick in Tom “Lispy the Lion” Looney (You think the guy wears a bib on air to catch all that extra saliva, especially after announcing a score involving the Boshhhton Shheltish?). You can tell a good show usually by the popularity of it’s sponsors, ahem, Briggs and Stratton and some unknown cigar company? I bet that brick company went bell up.

  55. JT’s got a small advantage….look at his history….his feet are with the Raider Nation…and a lot remember him well.

  56. Dave is great! I miss having him on at night here. Not a huge fan of JT, but he is on here. Hope Dave makes it back into KC soon!

  57. There is no way David should lose this contest, he is by far the best radio talk show host and his producers are very good to talk to also.
    Never heard of the brick I want a recount

  58. JT is the worst. FSR got canned in San Fran Bay area becuze NOONE listened to him. JT is a tool.. The Raiders have sucked since his lame A$$ started working with them..and his sidekick LOONEY is a zero who says the same thing each and every day Zero ratings this guy sucks

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