SMJ Sports Radio Madness- Colin Cowherd (8) vs. Arnie Spanier (24)

Moving along in the SMJ Sports Radio Madness tournament we have ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd up against the lowest rated entry in our field, Arnie Spanier of Sporting News Radio

Colin Cowherd- Colin Cowherd joined ESPN Radio March 29, 2004 with the debut of The Herd, which airs 10 a.m.-1 p.m. ET weekdays. A West coast-only hour airs 9-10 a.m. ET (6-7 a.m. PT). The Herd features topical commentary on the day’s most important sports news, perspective on the top stories, interviews with the biggest newsmakers, and entertaining daily segments including “Spanning the Globe” and “Rants of the Day.” More about Colin here. And here.

Arnie Spanier- Talk about a career that has gone full circle. Spanier joined Sporting News Radio after beginning his career with the very same company (as the Sports Entertainment Network). After his debut year on SEN in Las Vegas, Arnie ventured south across the desert to Phoenix, honing his skill at the local level. After two years in PM drive, he was lured back to the network side with One-on-One Sports. Here’s more on Arnie.

Voting ends March 19th.



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