Jason McIntyre and Michael Schur, Welcome to Our World

SI’s Richard Deitsch has the story today about two of the sports blogsphere’s biggest sites revealing their true identity.

The Big Lead and Fire Joe Morgan became extremely popular online destinations because of their off-beat commentaries and opinions.  The only problem was that the writers of the sites would not identify themselves.  Until today.

Both Jason McIntyre (The Big Lead) and Michael Schur (Fire Joe Morgan) have both come out of the anonymity closet, if you will.  Both have well established writing backgrounds and it’s easy to unerstand why their sites have been so popular.  They have experience and contacts.  That affords them sources that many of us do not have.  McIntyre now works The Big Lead full time. 

As much as these sites are popular, I did not like their choice of remaining anonymous.  If what you do as an online journalist (yes, bloggers are journalists in my mind) is hold others accountable for their actions, either on the field or off, then you have the responsibility to face the same scrutiny.  Hiding or creating a nom de plum doesn’t cut it with me.

I think its great we know the identity of these two writers.  I’ll be in touch.

Sincerely…Keith Thibault. 

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