Introducing the SMJ Sports Radio Madness

It’s March. And since the 64 team field has yet to be assembled, why not run a little bracket of our own? Welcome to the SMJ Sports Radio Madness, where, over the next month, you will select the best nationally syndicated sports radio host.

In this bracket-style competition we have 24 contestants for your consideration. Here is the field:

1. Dan Patrick
2. Jim Rome
3. Mike & Mike in the Morning- ESPN
4. Mike Tirico- ESPN
5. Mike & The Mad Dog- WFAN
6. JT The Brick- FSR
7. Chris Myers- FSR
8. Colin Cowherd- ESPN
9. Steve Czaban- FSR
10. Stephen A. Smith- ESPN
11. Ron Barr- Sports Byline USA
12. Doug Gottlieb- ESPN
13. Tim Brando SNR
14. 2 Live Stews- SNR
15. Craig Shemon/James Washington- FSR
16. Todd Wright- SNR
17. Howard David- SNR
18. Freddie Coleman- ESPN
19. Orestes Destrade/John Seibel- ESPN
20. Andrew Siciliano- FSR
21. Jorge Sedano- FSR
22. Jason Smith- ESPN
23. David Stein- SNR
24. Arnie Spanier- SNR

I ranked them based on my opinion of their popularity/name recognition.  The entries consist primarily of weekday sports radio hosts from the major networks (ESPN, Fox Sports Radio. Sporting News Radio).  Along with Dan Patrick and Jim Rome, the only others not affiliated with these big networks are Ron Barr from Sports Byline USA and Mike & the Mad Dog from WFAN (Even though they are not syndicated they do have a national impact on the YES TV network.  Besides, I needed 24 entrants).  Here’s how the bracket shapes up…

SMJ Sports Radio Madness Bracket

The top 8 seeds receive a bye.  The preliminary round begins MARCH 6th.   In each match-up I will include a brief biography of the host, mostly taken from official sources.  I will not be injecting my opinions.  That’s for you guys to do in the comments.

Each round of voting will last one week.  If all goes well, we should have a champion soon after the NCAA crowns theirs.  You can get always get the latest on the tournament by clicking on this link.

Lobby for your favorite.  Fill out the bracket.  Cast your votes. May the best host win!



  1. jason smith is very underrated at #22. i’m looking for him to pull an upset in the first round. i live in arizona and listen to him as often as i can (his show ends at 4am). i wish espn would give him the seibel/destrade slot.

  2. Dan Patrick #1 over Rome? WTF. Tirico at #5?
    If you are going by name recognition Rome should be #1. Plus you put that awful sportsnation radio show on. Seibel is awful to listen to.

  3. steve czaban should win but will not because of the espn thing mandm is a tv show on the radio, and tirico has been on the air how long? and doug g. could not hold sedano’s mic

  4. How the heck is JT The Brick even considered in this group over a host who brings more to the table as far as content & intellgience like ESPN’s Bob Valvano?

  5. -John Seibol and Orestes Destrade are completely unlistenable. Seibol isn’t bad, much better than his sports anchor role, but Destrade’s knowledge outside of baseball leaves a lot to be desired. Plus the whole premise of the show reaches to the lowest common denominator.

    -Chris Myers is vastly underrated.

    -Where’s Bob Valvano? Where’s Tony Kornheiser? Where’s Boomer and Carton?

    -JT The Brick is nothing more than an ex-Clone who sold his soul.

    -Mike Tirico sounds like he’s covering a golf tournament on radio. His show is only good when Scott van Pelt is on.

    -I like DP by no way he’s better than Romey. When Dan Patrick’s callers can get radio shows based on talking smack than I’ll consider him > Rome.

    -I think you should tag Ryen Russillo with Freddie Coleman.

    -Doug Gottlieb is barely on his show.

    -Am I the only one who likes Dale and Holley on WEEI?

    -Jason Smith was a vast improvement over Todd Wright but I think Smith is pretty average.

  6. J.T. has more opinions in the first 10 minutes of his show than most of the guys on this list have in a week.

  7. Jason Smith is NOT an improvement on Todd Wright – but the sleeper in this tourney is David Stein, who has the most unique talk show I’ve never heard (as in “A Celebration of Life thru Sports”).

  8. Mike and Chris are number one. I know this is the syndicated shows but thats stupid because you will leave out shows. Who listens to David Stein and Tim Brando? I bet most of them listen or watch Mike and Chris. Cowherd himself admitted to listening to them everyday. And Im sure if you go to ESPN offices their broadcast is always on. Even though Chris is racist and Mike thinks hes God they are absolute comedy.

  9. I can’t stand the tangents that take Cowherd away from the sport at hand. Sounds like he’s often hung-over!! Should be lower on that list, in fact give Stephen A. Smith his spot. And Dan Patrick..what makes him great is how listenable his voice is…the content on his show is wayyyyyyyyy more coherent than Rome.

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