The Brett Favre Man Love Network

I just finished watching one of the most wasteful 2 hours of programming I have ever witnessed on ESPN. That’s saying a lot since the WWL has plenty in its arsenal of programming that bothers sports fans.

From 1pm to 3pm ET on March 4, 2008, ESPN produced a “SportsCenter Special” on the retirement of Brett Favre. That’s right, an entire 2 hours on the retirement of a football player.

If you did not hear the news and you tuned in at certain points of the telecast, you could have easily deduced that Favre had not retired but instead met his maker. Host Trey Wingo at times used the phrase “the memory of Brett Favre” in describing the program.

There is no doubt that Brett Favre has had a phenomenal career. His play over 17 seasons transcended the sport. His set countless records. He is a lock for the Hall Of Fame in five years.

But please ESPN, Brett Favre retired. That’s it. The report warranted “breaking news” status on the ESPN family of networks and should rightly dominate ‘SportsCenter” through tomorrow morning. But a two hour special. No way.

Could this level of swooning be a precept to Favre getting a call from Disney about joining the WWL cadre of NFL analysts? Hmm….

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