Joe Buck to Concentrate Solely on Fox Duties

Dan Caesar at the St. Louis Post Dispatch has the news today that Joe Buck will no longer be involved in broadcasting Cardinal games locally.  In recent years he had appeared on only a handful of telecasts for Fox Sports Net Midwest.

From the article Buck states his reason for leaving…

“It’s nothing more than it feels like it’s time to make that change and to concentrate on some other things and basically go to Cardinals games as a fan,” he said Monday night. “I’m a fan, and I love to go down there with my wife and two daughters. The fun of that now is more appealing than anything to me.”

Buck will now undoubtedly focus on his role as the lead baseball and football play-by-play voice for Fox, where he has worked since 1994.

Many on the web take their shots at Buck, some over his pedigree (the some of Jack Buck) and others who think he comes off as smug and conceited.

I think Buck is one of the best play-by-play men in the business.  His method of understating plays and letting the video do the talking is what was the great about his father.  More announcers should follow that lead.  Remember, the game is the story, not the announcers.  And as much as his polished look may portray a certain persona, I am not convinced that is reality.


  1. It is reality. That said I really like the guy as an announcer. That persona is Joe Buck though. I say this as a native St. Louisan with ties to his wife.

  2. I am not surprised at this move by Joe Buck as he now has a national audience with Saturday baseball games of the week and the NFL. I think that he recognized that he could not do the Cardinals justice and at the same time mean his Fox Network Commitments. The Cardinals also finally recognized this reality.
    It is the same old story on really why…Follow the money.

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