Slogans Tell Us So Much

Spring Training has begun for all 30 Major League Teams and with it comes the usual abundance of hope and anticipation that this upcoming season will result in a championship.

It’s also a new season for the teams’ P.R. departments which come up with new slogans to capture that hope and anticipation. Most times these slogans are benign and meant to serve as a rallying cry for fans.

For the 2008 baseball season twelve (12) teams have adopted a slogan that they hope will result in success on the field and at the gate. These slogans are displayed proudly atop each teams’ website.

Sports Media Journal presents the 2008 MLB club slogans…and our take on them…

Toronto Blue Jays“It’s Always Game Time” Too bad that game is played in the A.L. East…
Atlanta Braves“Welcome to the Bigs” With their starting rotation, shouldn’t it be “Welcome to the Olds”?
San Francisco Giants“Your SF Giants” Barry Bonds came up with that one on his way out the door (instead of “My SF Giants” or “Our SF Giants”)…
Seattle Mariners“MoJo Risin'” Shouldn’t it be “JoJhima Catchin'”?
Florida Marlins“You Gotta Be Here” Yeah, because tickets are so hard to get.
Baltimore Orioles“This is Birdland” That’s where you’ll be if you think you have a chance to win.
Texas Rangers“Your Could Use Some Baseball” Considering you haven’t had any for the last 35 years.
Cincinnati Reds“C You There” And you wonder why kids today can’t spell?
Kansas City Royals“New Blue Tradition” New uniforms will not help this team. Detroit Tigers“Who’s Your Tiger?” When did Detroit hire Pedro Martinez to be on its P.R. staff?
Minnesota Twins“This is Your State. This is Your Team. This is Twins Territory” No really, this IS your state. This IS your team.
New York Yankees“Where Players Become Legends” Maybe in their own minds…and, of course, in the tabloids.

If there’s a slogan I missed, send them along in the comments. Happy baseball!


  1. Chicago Cubs – One Hundred Years and counting.

    Chicago White Sox – 3rd place. We’re There.

    *these may not actually be promoted by said teams.

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