The Best Talkers?

Talkers Magazine is one of the more respected industry publications covering talk radio. Each year they present the “Talkers 250”…what they call a list of the most important radio talk show hosts in America.

Ranking these talk radio hosts is no easy task. There are close to 5,000 radio talk shows across the country. As part of their report, Talkers list the “Heavy Hundred”, those at the top of their ranking. Here is part of their criteria on how they devise their list:

The Talkers Magazine editors…draw upon a combination of hard and soft factors when evaluating candidates. These include (in alphabetical order): courage, effort, impact, longevity, potential, ratings, recognition, revenue, service, talent, and uniqueness. We acknowledge that it is as much art as science and that the results are arguable.

Many of those at the top of the list are conservative talk radio hosts, with Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity at #1 and #2 respectively. What’s interesting is that there are some sports radio hosts in the top 100 and even more as part of the greater list of 250.

Here are the sports radio hosts that rank in Talkers “Heavy Hundred”:

29. Jim Rome– Premiere Radio Network
42. Mike & the Mad Dog– WFAN New York
47. Mike & Mike– ESPN Radio
60. Mitch Albom– WJR Detroit (He doesn’t host a sports talk show but is a renowned sports columnist)
63. Boomer & Carton– WFAN New York
91. Glenn Ordway– WEEI Boston

We can debate whether these sports radio hosts deserve to be on this list, but you can’t deny all of them have achieved, at the very least, respect within the industry.

Here are the other sports radio host listed as part of “Talkers 250″ (in alphabetical order):

Ralph Barbieri & Tom Tolbert– KNBR, San Francisco
Angelo Cataldi– WIP, Philadelphia
Colin Cowherd– ESPN Radio
John Dennis & Gerry Callahan– WEEI, Boston
George Dunham & Craig Miller– KTCK, Dallas
Howard Eskin– WIP, Philadelphia
Adam Gold– WRBZ, Raleigh
JT the Brick– Fox Sports Radio
Dan LeBatard– WAXY, Miami
Dan McNeil, John Jurkovic & Harry Teinowitz– WMVP, Chicago
Jim Mandich– WQAM, Miami
Steve Mason– KSPN, Los Angeles
Chris Myers– Fox Sports Radio
Mike North– WSCR, Chicago
Petros Papadakis & Matt Smith– KLAC, Los Angeles
Dan Patrick– Content Factory
George Plaster– WGFX, Nashville
Doug & Ryan Stewart– Sporting News Radio
Jim Traber– WWLS, Oklahoma City
Mike Valenti & Terry Foster– WXYT, Detroit

So there you have it…one entity’s opinion of the best sports talk in all of radio.  What say you?

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