Bowl Preview- BCS Championship Game, LSU vs. Ohio State

OK, I know this game is still two weeks away.  But if there is one game we needed to provide an early preview for, it’s this one.  The BCS Championship Game between LSU and Ohio State is the culmination of the college football bowl season.

Let’s get a preview of the game though the local media covering both the Tigers and the Buckeyes.

Louisiana State University (11-2)

The Tigers have the good fortune of playing in the difficult SEC and gaining a berth in the Championship Game despite having two loses.  The LSU Athletic Department website has plenty of coverage devoted to the game.  Even though the University is on break, you may be able to find out more on the game from the LSU Reveille newspaper or campus radio station KLSU.

Being housed in Louisiana’s capital of Baton Rouge affords the Tigers extensive local media coverage.  The newspaper of record is The Advocate.  The paper provides comprehensive coverage of the Tigers in both its sports section and on a special LSU webpage.

You can bet that Baton Rouge’s two sports radio stations will have plenty to say about this contest.  Find out how much by visiting WSKR and WBIR.  The game broadcast can be heard state wide on the LSU Radio Network.

The local television market in Baton Rouge also has its pulse on this game.  Check out updates at WBMG, WVLA, and WAFB.

The great thing about the really big collegiate programs is that they usually have many fan-generated blogs.  LSU is no different.  Find out what they’re saying at And the Valley Shook, Tiger Smack, and Fan Blogs.  If there are others we should take a look at, please let us know through your comments.

Ohio State University (11-1)

The Big Ten Champs were at the top of the polls for most of the year and may come into this game a bit rusty after not playing a game since November 17th.  Get the latest direct from the team from it’s web page.  While on the OSU campus, get the scoop from The Lantern (complete with its own blog) and college radio station WOSU.

Like LSU, OSU resides in the Ohio capital of Columbus.  Media coverage, therefore, is extensive.  The Columbus Dispatch dominates within the capital region.  It’s sports section is a must read when it comes to the Buckeyes.  The paper has special sections dedicated to OSU sports in general, and the football program in particular.

Columbus sports radio leader WBNS has some heavyweights among its talkers who can provide considerable insight on the Buckeyes.  Among them are former Buckeyes Chris Spielman and Kirk Herbstreit.  Spend some time listening in, especially as we get closer to the game.  The game broadcast can be heard on the stations who are part of the Ohio State Radio Network.

Follow the Buckeyes on local television on WBNS TV, WCMH, and WSYX.

The Buckeyes also have some of the best fan blogs on the web.  Find out what we mean by visiting Buckeye Commentary, Around the Oval, The Buckeye Blog, Buckeye Banter, and Fan Blogs.

There you have it.  Make a point to check in on any or all of these links as we get closer to the game.  Then amaze your friends at how much you know about both teams!

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