Bowl Preview- Sheraton Hawaii Bowl, Boise State vs. East Carolina

The college bowl season continues tonight as the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl looks to battle the NFL for viewers’ attention. And it has a pretty good match-up…last year’s bowl game darlings, Boise State University, going up against East Carolina University.

Here’s how the teams stack up, as told by the local media that covers them…

Boise State University (10-2)

The Broncos shocked the college football world last year with its stunning overtime win over Oklahoma.  This year the Broncos still had a solid season, falling short to WAC champion Hawaii.  You can find out quite a bit about the Bronco football team from their page on the Boise State Athletic website.

On campus the Broncos are covered in the student newspaper, The Arbiter.  Boise State also has a public radio station which may, or may not spend much time talking about the team.

The Idaho Statesman is the leading newspaper in Boise.  Like many papers of its size, there is considerable coverage of the Broncos in its sports section, including special online content focusing exclusively on the University.  Included in its coverage is a blog entitled Bronco Beat.

Boise’s sports radio station, KTIK has extensive coverage of the Broncos, although the game broadcast can be found on Boise talker KBOI.

Local television coverage of the Broncos appears comprehensive.  Find out more at KTVB, KBCI, KIVI, and KTRV.

Other than the Statesman’s blog, Bronco State seems to be a good place for independent coverage of the team.

East Carolina University (7-5)

The Conference USA entrant had an up and down season and like other teams are happy to be playing in late December.  The Pirates spend a good portion of their Athletic Department website on this game.  The East Carolinian covers the team on campus.  University radio station WZMB does not appear to provide much  in terms of covering the game.

Located in Greenville, NC, the Daily Reflector is the city’s daily newspaper.  The paper does a good job covering the Pirates in its sports section and though team-specific online content.

There is no sports radio station in the Greenville market, although game broadcasts can be heard on WSFL-FM.

Local television coverage of the Pirates can be found on WITN, WNCT, and WCTI.

There does not appear to be any Pirate-specific fan blogs on the web but, as always, if I am wrong, please correct me though the comments.

Ratings for this game should be low because of the Skins/Vikings contest being played at the same time over on NBC.  But if you have a chance, take a peek…if for nothing else to revel in the wonder of the temperate Hawaiian weather.

By the way, I hope you visit these sites for post-game analysis.  It’s a good way to see how sports media across the country cover their teams. 

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