Another Rush To Judgement Today?

We will all be waiting for 2pmET today when the Mitchel Report on steroids in major League Baseball is released.  It will also be fascinating to see how the press handles the the details within the report.

News has already surfaced that there will be MVP’s and All-Stars listed as alleged users of steroids.  You noticed I used the word alleged.   Depending on the evidence presented in the report, there may be a rush to taint all the players listed as guilty. 

The press has already been taken to task on its response to news in the past.  The most egregious rushes to judgement was seen in the Duke Lacrosse case and the Sean Taylor murder.

Let’s hope the media just reports on the details of the report and not pre-judge.  I am looking forward to the response by those who are accused in presenting their side of the story.  At that point the media should let us as readers, viewers, and listeners decide what is valid and what is not.

Sports radio will be filled with callers who will make certain connections, rightly or wrongly so.  But they are not journalists. 

Unfortunatley I am aware that my hopes will not be realized.  There will be those in the media who cannot wait to take aim on certain players and question their on-the-field accomplishments.  Is it responsible to do so?  That’s up to you to decide.

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